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Hearing the name of Carlos Santana or Santana, of course you still remember and are familiar with a famous legendary guitarist on this one. Heard the name Santana certainly you know with PRS guitars, because the guitar is always used by Santana in every action of his musical stage.

This legendary guitarist who has introduced the PRS guitars, through his concert music to fans of musical instrument electric guitar throughout the world. Where the type of music played by Carlos Santana is a combination of Rock, Latin, Jazz Fusion, and sometimes in combination with a percussion instrument.

Carlos Santana was the first person involved in the manufacture and PRS guitars in the beginning created, Santana worked with a guitar maker named Paul Reed Smith, which is used as a brand for his guitar work as the PRS and the extremely popular to this day.

Typical characteristics of PRS guitars is use eagle inlays placed on fretboard, where the model inlays like this do not exist on other brands of electric guitars, so it is vary easy to recognize.

Besides PRS guitar comes with 24 frets so it is suitable for those of you who like to play the melody tone – the tone is high.

The combination of the two humbucker pickups make this guitar more stable when played with clean mode or with overdrive and distortion. Where both pickups humbucker placed on both sides of each at different places, namely on the side of the bridge and another one located on the side of the neck.

Mastery of the use of proper techniques pickup switch is in need to produce good sound, the different between the use of clean and distortion modes must be acquainted with you.

Different uses of time when using the neck pickup and when to use the bridge pickup as well as when using both pickups simultaneously.

For a beginner course, this is new knowledge for you, start getting used to using this technique, because apart from having mastered the techniques of the game you also have to master the technique of presenting the right sound and good for the hearing, such as proper use of the pickup switch.

When you have mastered this technique, of course not only in use on PRS guitars, but can also be used in other electric guitar that uses two humbucker pickups, such as Gibson and Epiphone guitars.

PRS guitars could be recognized as the type that can be used for all types of music. For those of you who are not focused to learn one type of music only, PRS guitars can be a great choice and good for you.

Viewing of the sale price, PRS guitars does have a relatively higher prices for all types in the production and marketed to the user, where the price is on offered ranges from $600 upwards.

Preparation needed more fund if you are very interested in this electric guitar, but you need to know the price is high enough you will get comparable quality, so you will not useless or disappointed with the funding that you spend.

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