TC Electronic Flashback

TC Electronic Flashback

TC Electronic Flashback

By Nata Sanit

Playing electric guitar is not enough, if you can only play with one or several types of sound effects only. For those of you who have long studied a variety of guitar techniques of course, already know some kind of sound effects are frequently used by guitar players in every play of various kind of music.

For you beginners course in the early days know for some type if guitar effects, such as distortion, overdrive, and of course clean mode, where the variation the effect typically are found in many types of combo amplifier and modeling, which is usually even supplied more than 5 choices of effects.

Types of sound effects on the guitar are vary numerous and varied, with some kind of guitar effects most frequently and commonly usually used by guitar players, including the distortion, delay, equialize, overdrive, baby cry, flanger, chorus and many types of guitar effects other.

The selection of electric guitar effects, in not that difficult but also not so easy, especially if you are one of a guitar player who loved to imitate the sound characteristics of the electric guitar of your idol guitar player.

In this case, it is not so difficult, where you just need to find lots of information, such as what gear used by guitar players who would you imitate.

For the effect of an electric guitar based on a model which is made into 2 models, namely, stompbox, multi-effects pedal, the effect of the two models, is basically the same, which distinguishes only features, sound quality and is the price.

Some things that might be a little difficult and it must be to note is that all the technical installation of guitar effects that you have, or the type of installation circuit topology of the combined effects you use, especially if you are one of many guitar players who collect various types of guitar sound effects.

Delay effect is greatly in need at all for a guitar player, especially if you are in a position player on the lead guitar player, whether playing solo melodies, and while playing the melody in a band.

Delay effects is to give a very different effect compared to when you  play an electric guitar without using this type of effect, delay effect produced by many different kinds of brand as a manufacturer that creates a wide range of sound effects on the electric guitar.

The TC Electronic Flashback, this is the kind of effect stompbox, the physical shape of a small box with a menu control in analog, and a button that serves as an on/off, which you just walk on by using your feet, which is providing the ease of playing.

Some of the advantages which can be obtained from the use of delay effects stompbox, type compared to the multi-effects, is the availability of access for those of you who have a delay stompbox effects to vary the delay effect, according to your need, so not only stuck with only one type of delay.

Where you can make arrangements on the time delay, according to your need, in addition to TC Electronic Flashback provides two modes of input and output, the stereo and mono mode, where both options you can adjust to the needs of your guitar playing.

In addition, TC Electronic Flashback not only provides facilities for the effects of delay, but also provides a flashback effects and loops in a single tool.

When you need to use some experimental possibilities were to match the existing features on the guitar effects, delay effects need to be done using a technique that can adjust the time delay of each note that you play from your electric guitar, so as to produce a good sound and of course varies according to the time delay settings that you set.

TC Electronic Flashback can be said is perfect for guitar players, who have the ability to play the electric guitar at an advanced level. Not recommended for you too at the beginner, but it does not mean you are a beginner, should not have this type of guitar effects, as long as you want to practice and keep trying guaranteed by the length of time you learn, then you will be able to adapt, to be able to use this type of effect.

When you use this guitar effects, are required to use the AC adapter as a power source so that this effect can function well in a long time, although this tool has the ability to use batteries, but can say a little wasteful and time available does not too long.

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Condenser Mics

Condenser Mics

By Nata Sanit

Condenser Mics can be regarded as a capacitor microphone or electrostatic microphone, which generally have the ability to produce high-quality audio signals, as compared with other types of microphones.

Besides condenser mics, microphone also in production into several other types, among which are dynamic microphones, ribbon microphones, carbon microphones and several other types of microphones. For the type of microphone is often used for the purposes of world music and entertainment is a type of condenser microphone and dynamic microphone.

But condenser mics will be a most popular choice, which is much more sensitive in comparison with the dynamic microphone, either in use for various purposes on a live application and for the recording studio.

Condenser mics in production in many models are created and adjusted to the needs, as will be used in what kind of music instrument, or adjust the location or place, where the microphone will be in use.

All these things can indeed be said to be must, for you to be able to determine what kind of microphone is suitable for your use.

Some of you may already know that, formerly of this type of microphone is a device that has a sales prices that can be said to be relatively expensive, so one can use the microphone of this type, only come from professional course, which does require a high quality product, and certainly they can afford to buy a microphone of this type, although the selling price is relatively expensive.

However, along with the times and technology, condenser mics have been sold and can be encountered in various versions, produced and sold not only for the professionals, but for those of you who are beginners and intermediate level could have a type of condenser microphone.

You should know that, microphones are sold not only cheap, but it has qualities that can say almost on par with professional quality.

So many condenser mics are in the production of many-famous brand, which of course also has a function and the prices are varied, including the condenser shotgun microphone.

Where the microphone of this type usually used for various purposes in the field of audio for video camera, microphones of this type are usually placed on the right side of the camera and pointing forward in the direction of the camera lens, so that any audio or noise emanating from every object in the catch by camera lens, this will be caught by the microphone.

Then there is also a condenser microphone, which is suitable and specialized in using a live, good for music events, entertainment, journalism, speeches, and various other live audio purposes.

There was also a studio condenser microphone, microphone for this type are widely used for various purposes related to the recording studio, and you need to know, for every studio condenser microphone, have different types and function also vary, depending on the type of music that will be the tool you use to record.

Here are some condenser mics that are suitable for use in the home studio, from some well-know brands that are grouped based on the usefulness of each of which can be used to record music on multiple devices, and can be quite popular.


Audio Technica AT2020 Side Address Cardiod Condensor Studio Mic
Suitable for: Vocals and acoustic guitar.

Samson Go Mic Compact USB Microphone – Plug n’ Play
Suitable for: recording a podcast, acoustic guitar or vocals.

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone (Cardioid)
Suitable for: Acoustic guitar, vocals or speech, electric guitar.

Behringer C-1 Studio Condenser Microphone
Suitable for: vocals and acoustic instruments (non-amplifier).

MXL 990/991 Recording Microphone Package
Suitable for: acoustic guitar and drum overheads

Audio Technica AT2041 Studio Microphone Package
Microphone consists of two types, namely:
AT2020 is suitable for vocal and instrument applications,
AT2021 is suitable for acoustic instruments, overhead, hi-hat and piano.

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Audio-Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica AT2020  

Audio-Technica AT2020

By Nata Sanit

When you want to decide, begin to learn the various techniques with good audio recording, derived from a variety of sound sources of various kinds music instrument, of course there are many things you should consider, especially in terms of selection of a suitable and a good microphone.

The selection of microphones of course, not only selected based only on the size and shape you like, without regard to the aspects of audio effects that will be generated when you record using a microphone that you choose.

You should know that, microphones made and grouped into some category and function of different, where for each capability of feature of the microphone is in production, made by a certain need, or can say is based on the function where and for what the microphone will be used.


Based on the use

You need to know is, the microphone is generally composed of two types based on function or use, the first is the microphone handle, where the microphone of this type often used for a wide range of matters relating to the vocals.

Whereas for the second, namely microphone instrument, microphone type which is often used for various purposes, which is specifically used as a tool of the speaker, for different types of music, which is not equipped with the pickup of course.


Based on the location/point of use

Then as one of the additional information for those of you who are beginners that, other than distinguished by the use of a microphone is also distinguished by the place/location where the microphone will be used.

So in this case the microphone is divided into two types, namely live sound microphone and studio microphone.

For this type of live sound, the type of microphone that can work well when used as an outdoor, as for the second type, namely a studio microphone, in which case it is clear that the type of microphone is specially made and can work very well when in the room, especially in the case for recording  purposes.


Based on the type of connection used

For this one, of course, some of you already know a lot about the kind of connection in use in the use of the microphone, which consists of two types, namely by using a wired connection and wireless connection to use.


Microphone for a home studio with professional quality

If you decide to look for a microphone for recording purposes with beginner and intermediate category, you can use the Audio-Technica AT2020.

Audio-Technica AT2020 is a microphone which is produced by a Japanese company engaged in the field of audio equipment, which can be regarded as a very well-known corporations company and number one in the world in the field of audio system, which makes a variety of audio devices system to meet the needs of everyone, from beginner to professional level.

Audio-Technica AT2020 is a microphone that can work well in terms of recording, this microphone cable with a USB connection, making it very easy to use and easy to connect directly to your computer.

Is a microphone which is suitable for use in the home studio, and is portable, where you can simply use a small tripod legs which have been included in the box when purchasing, to be placed on the table, side by side next to your computer, so it helps make it easier when making recordings.

One thing is very interesting from Audio-Technica AT2020, is a lot of some of the users of this microphone, also using is not only used to record the vocal sounds, but also in used to record some acoustic music instrument like an acoustic guitar.

But the thing they have done, making this tool can still work well, and produce records that can be said either.

By having two functions, the microphone is on sale at a relatively cheap price and of course of the quality that is given is appropriate and suitable for the selling price in the offer.

With Audio-Technica AT2020, to say you can get a good quality the microphone with a professional and a great price.

If you are interested in the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser Microphone you can place an order on site, other than that these products have very many reviews from buyers, who tells all kinds of reasons why they buy these products and have expressed their satisfaction over the qualities of this product.

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