Les Paul Jr

Les Paul Jr

Les Paul Jr

By Nata Sanit

Hearing the word Les Paul of course you are vary familiar with the name of this one, especially for electric for those of you who really love music, which is musical instrument electric guitar.

Maybe some people or a novice, still do not know that Les Paul model electric guitar is not only in use and in production by Gibson, but the Les Paul model is also in use by a company called Epiphone electric guitar makers.

Les Paul Jr is the kind of solid body electric guitar, this guitar is perfect for children and adults who are just starting to learn how to play guitar. Although created with the name Les Paul Jr, the guitar is made with quality similar to the solid body electric guitar other models commonly in use for adults.

The difference between artificial Gibson Les Paul Jr, and Epiphone which have differences in selling prices have to say the difference can be much different, and the quality of products which must be adjusted with the price of products offered. Where to Gibson Les Paul Jr, for 2011 is on sale with a range of $839, while for the Epiphone Les Paul Jr, sold at prices far cheaper price range $129 to $200.

Both have the form and features are almost same, which trait possessed by them is a design that has almost the same similarity, only use one pickup, where use an Epiphone humbucker pickups, while for Gibson comes with 1 piece of P-90 pickups.

Because only equipped with one pickup, this guitar is only suitable for beginners both children and adults, where a variety of techniques on the guitar can still be tried and learned, until you master the guitar even though it only uses a single pickup.

However, this guitar is not recommended for those of you who have the ability to intermediate level and above, or who have entered into the professional category.

Therefore, for those of you who have mastered the technique will make the pickup switch produces good sound quality, both in clean mode or using the distortion and overdrive.

In addition both are placed in the same pisition which is placed close to the bridge, or the so-called bridge pickup. Equipped with a tone control and a volume control.

For a beginner you are advised to choose the Epiphone Les Paul Jr, because in addition to the low price of this electric guitar, also has a quality that is not much different from the Gibson Les Paul Jr.

With this electric guitar you can pretice chord, pattern, scale and other techniques is needed for beginners, by gradually if you are determine and facused, you can start to buy a guitar that seem to be more expensive by increasing you ability.

If you decided to make purchases online, try to choose products that get a lot of reviews or comments from buyers, so you will get some idea of good and bad about the product that you buy.

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