Guitar Amps

Finding The Best Guitar Amps

Guitar amps is a device that very influence the quality of your electric guitar tone when played, even if you have an electric guitar and guitar effects are good though it would not matter if you are wrong in choosing the best amplifier for you. In addition you must also can determine what a suitable amplifier in accordance with the character of music you want, whether it’s rock music, blues, jazz and some other types of music.

Another thing you need to know several other factors before buying a guitar amp that is from how much budget you are ready to spend, beside that where you would use a lot of these amps, at home, in studio or stage music for your event, and determine what size fits your needs.

Guitar amps you can find in a guitar shop online or you can also buy in a guitar store nearest to your home, some famous company that manufactures such as Marshall amp, Akai, Alesis and M-audio that has been know for its standard of simplicity and quality. Where they manufacture combo amp version that is suitable to be played with all type of music, which is a mix between the amplifier and speakers in one cabinet.

Some things need it know about guitar amps in addition to your knowledge about guitar amps, guitar amps which consist of four types, namely:

Solid-state Amps :

The guitar amps use transistors for the pream and power section, where instead of tubes. For this type is more durable and rarely need right in repair. Has a very clean tone though there is some music players use distortion, but the amp for this type of durable and very reliable.

Tube Amps :

This type amp is very much in use by a music player that likes rock music, because the ability of this amp that has a louder voice in guitar amps compared with solid-state type. Tube amps have separate channels most if which can switch from clean tone to tone distortion directly. The downside of this type is performance amps of tubes which could decrease over its running time, so it needs to do the turn with a new tube.



Modeling Guitar Amplifier

Modeling Amps(Digital Amps):

Modeling amps use digital processors to simulate the sound of old tube technology, modeling amps in the program and has a built-in digital affects like delay, chorus, reverb and more.

This amps is very suitable for beginners, are generally small in size making it easy for carrying and moved from one place to another it.

In addition you can save money by not buying additional guitar effects, because the modeling amps are equipped with built-in digital effects.

Where this feature is very supportive for beginners who do not need a lot of variation effects, and very helpful for beginners to learn to form characteristic sound for their electric guitar sound, so it can learn a wide variety of combinations to control the sound contained on these modeling amps

Having felt well enough then you can switch to additional effects such as effect pedals, stompbox, and multi-effects.

There are many famous brands of amps that produce such kind of modeling amps, among others Line6, Yamaha, Ibanez, Fender, Peavey, Laney and much more.

Hybrid Amps

Hybrid Amps :

Hybrid amps is a combination of solid-state type, tube amps, amps modeling into one package.

Amplifier model, very helpful and worked very well for various purposes liaison between your music player with the speakers, which can be used for a speaker on your home theater system at home, which can directly connect with the other loudspeakers.

Additionally hybrid amps are very suitable for those of you who have a hobby of karaoke, which can be played for different types of your favorite songs by directly connecting a DVD/CD player or mp3 player you are with these amps hybrid.

Then for those of you who like having a party inside and outside the room, in your home or in a place where you are, or maybe you are a DJ, this amp can also be used as a link between music DJ equipment with the speakers you have.

You can get these products from various brands and price variations, and features to choose from to suit your needs, if you are interested in this product you are can get additional information on the site, which is usually eligible free with super saver shipping.

In addition to the above four things, you can also specify what kind of amp model that you want to buy, whether in the form of amp and speaker combo amp where it already can be found in one package. Than the second is a model head/cabinet, where in one set of amps (head) and speaker(cabinet) made separate and not fuse to each other.

Guitar Amps


This type of amp you can find in the studio music and is very often used to stage music events, both large and small. Amp of this type has the ability to produce great sound that can deliver sound at a considerable distance.

In one cabinet, there are usually four speakers are average-sized 12-in, which in the closed meeting by using wood material in the form of nearly resembles the model cube.

Has dimensions that are large, so the amp of this type could have reached an average weight of approximately 75 pounds. The use of standard amp of this type is to use an amp head and a cabinet for every single music instrument electric guitar, but the amp of this type are not uncommon in pairs by using the stack, namely by resting 2 to 3 cabinet with 1 piece head amp.

This method is usually used in large-scale capacity of the stage, but some video production music clips often use this method as their video background. It aims only to make the video clip widened slightly different.

For those of you who want to use this type of amp at home, be prepared to provide more funds to pay the electric bill is quite large, because it requires power amp around 200 watts. Also make sure your home studio have a fairly good sound absorbers, so as not to disturb your neighbor with a huge sound that result from this amp.