Fretless Bass

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Fretless Bass

By Nata Sanit

Bass guitars in terms of shape and components similar to the usual electric guitars in play, some techniques of the game for music instrument bass guitar is like plucking, slapping, popping, tapping and can also be playing using a pick. On bass guitar is much larger body size compared with the electric guitar, and has a neck and along scale. In terms of the weight of the bass guitar is much heavier than an electric guitar.

Fretless bass guitar is a bass guitar that does not use a frats or bass guitar without frets, where the technique to play a music instrument bass guitar is similar to using fret in general, but this much playing music instrument requires the use of feeling on hearing each tone is played because there was no frets on the finger board. In addition from the sound produced is slightly different in because the strings are directly on wood or finger tap on the boards.

Fretless bass guitar has been gaining popularity is quite extensive and has many variations of models, fretless electric bass and enjoy doing a lot in very popular among jazz musicians, funk, and R&B.

In the standard design of the bass has four strings with standard tone, E, A, D, and G with the original frekuensi of E string is set around 41Hz, tuning is the same as the standard tuning on the guitar where the string tone is only one octave lower than 6 string guitar.

Fretles bass guitar is now available in many shape and color choices, you can choose according to your taste make sure you choose an online store that is safe and reliable. is an online store that is suitable for you to find products you need at home or wherever you are.

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