Fender Telecaster

Fender Telecaster

Basic Understanding of the Fender Telecaster

By Nata Sanit

Hearing the word Telecaster is certainly a thing that is familiar to most musicians around the world, why is that? Design and sound characteristic that makes an electric guitar is so very popular among musicians.

A little story about how the story was first beginning Telecaster made, Fender Telecaster was first know as Esquire in the early days where it has been in production about fifty electric guitar.  In the 1950’s, Esquire which is a model of a pickup late replaced with a two-pickup model was named the Broadcaster.

However, the use of the name Broadcaster did not take along, because the Fender gets legal threats from companies know as Gretsch, which states that Broadcaster, violated trademark broadkster which is the trademark of the drums made the company, caused the problem then change the name Fender Broadcaster, became Telecaster which was famous until now.

Fender Telecaster is a kind of solid body electric guitar, which consists of several standard features for the telecaster that is, equipped with two single coil pickups which consists of the neck pickup and bridge pickup. Using a switch with 3-way pickup selector that is bridge pickup, bridge and neck pickup, as well as the neck pickup.

Equipped with one volume control and one tone control, using the bridge are made specifically for the model Telecaster with a 6-saddle top-load bridge, as well as the maple fingerboard with 21 or 22 medium jumbo frets.

Fender Telecaster

Gain or Usefulness of the Fender Telecaster

Fender Telecaster is perfect for those of you who love this type of rock n roll, blues, country and funk. Distinctive sound that you can encounter when playing with a clean mode or by using the mode overdrive effect. However, of all types of music that has been mentioned above, which became the most dominant and very suitable for this guitar is the kind of rock n roll music.

Fender Telecaster guitar suitable for use both as a melodic as well as rhythm guitar, both of which can provide a beautiful sound characteristics.

All guitar parts in the design with a model that can be easily dismantled pairs, on the neck in conjunction with the use of screws, making it easy to repair and can prevent possible damage to the other guitar parts when performing repairs.

Body, Neck and Plate for Telecaster

Also available in a lot of Fender Telecaster model selection, where you can make choices based on the series by offering varying prices, to the cheapest price you can choose the version of the Squier series, while for the most expensive price you can choose a custom product series or you can also choose the American standard  version.


Various Variants of the Fender Telecaster

Fender telecaster in production with variations of this model and series, here are some models of Fender Telecaster is in production and marketed throughout the world.

Squier Telecaster :

–      Affinity

–     Classic Vibe

–      Standard

–      Vintage Modified


American Deluxe Telecaster

American Special Telecaster

American Standard Telecaster

Fender Standard Telecaster


American Vintage :

–      American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Reissue

–      American Vintage ’62 Custom Telecaster

–      American Vintage ’72 Telecaster Thinline

–      American Vintage ’72 Telecaster Custom

–      American Vintage ’69 telecaster Thinline


Classic Series :

–      Classic Series ‘50s Esquire

–      Classic Series ‘50s Telecaster

–      Classic Series ‘60s Telecaster

–      Classic Series ‘69s Telecaster Thinline

–      Classic Series ‘72s Telecaster Custom

–      Classic Series ‘72s Telecaster Deluxe

–      Classic Series ‘72s Telecaster Thinline


Tele-bration :

–      Lamboo telecaster

–      Old Browth Redwood telecaster

–      ’62 Telecaster

–      Mahogany Telecaster


Vintage Hot Rod


Why You Should Choose the Fender Telecaster

The fender Telecaster is a product of the type solid body electric guitar, electric guitar which can be said to be the oldest in the world, almost the same as with Gibson guitars, where both companies are large companies that compete in marketing their products.

Besides electric guitar designs of the two companies is a lot of replication by other companies, by showing little difference in the headstock and the character of sound produced, as well as the plus the combination of a slightly different color than the original product.

Make sure you are buying genuine products from the Fender, because the price is on offer comparable quality that is owned by its products. So you will not feel regret having traded this guitar at a great price.

In additionally Fender also gave special attention to beginners as well as for fans of Fender guitars that have limited funds, which creates Fender Squier version of the product, or known by Fender Squier. all you know is for all products by Squier in production to meet professional standards and quality similar to Fender American standard, it’s just raw materials and the production comes from Asia, so this makes Fender Squier can be sold with a relatively cheap price.