Fender Strat

Choosing Good Fender Strat

Fender Strat

By Nata Sanit

Fender strat is another name which is a fender stratocaster electric guitar model designed by man named Leo Fender and his colleagues, where the design for the fender is already familiar to musician worldwide. Because all too familiar in the eyes of the musicians, almost every design that was similar in the same made by the manufacturers other electric guitars of all people keep calling even though it’s not a stratocaster electric guitars produced by fender. Fender strat does have its own characteristics, so make Loe Fender made guitars are very much in love since it started in created in 1954 until now.

For design a very characteristic color, that is a combination of two colors on the body called sunburst. Has three single-coil pickups with 5 way tone settings, where for pickups in the bridge position diagonally different from its position of two other pickups that is middle pickup and neck pickup is positioned vertically, in addition fender strat aquipped with a white pickguard where the design curve is made in conformity with the angle on the guitar body.

Design was made blunt-body angle so make you comfortable right arm while playing fender strat. Headstock designs are typical of the fender strat look vary different in comparison with the model version of strat from other manufacturers, so if you are already vaery familiar with this headstock shape would be vary easy when compared with other guitars, although for the body is made very similar. In addition fender strat consists of 1 piece master volume control and 2 tone control.

Where Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar Brown Sunburst Rosewood Fingerboardoffered with average price of $499. For outside fender squier vesions are sold with a higher price, because the raw materials used are also quite expensive.

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