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 Fender Squier

Fender Squier

Basic Understanding of the Fender Squier

By Nata Sanit

Many people who have long been aware of the existence of the Fender Squier, but not least also one of the few among those who do not know fully about the Fender Squier version of this, especially for the beginner.

At the beginner of this product know, some people might think that Squier is an artificial product that has no relation at all with the company Fender musical instrument corporation.

From various sources of entertainment media both offline and online, very much help to provide information about the Fender Squier guitar, start from the beginning were created a guitar Fender by a man named Leo Fender, until then the release version of the product Squier by Fender musical instrument corporation.

Fender Squier can be said produced with the aim to reach out the sales guitars more broadly, so this guitar can be reached not only by the upper class but also for the middle class.

Fender Squier has a selling price that is quite cheap in comparison with other versions of Fender guitar, this is caused by the use of raw materials derived from material which is relatively affordable for production companies, which can suppress the production expenditures becomes smaller, compared with the previous production costs.

Fender Squier basically most of the production at the plant located in Asia, such as Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia and India. Where the materials such as wood production comes from the state in which the Fender Squier in production, it is this which makes the cost of production is smaller, so the Fender Squier could sell for a relatively cheap and affordable for many people.

What is important and some things you should know about Fender Squier, before you decided to buy.

Indeed many appear some debate about the Fender squier namely :

  1. Starting from the price offered is in accordance with the quality of the product,
  2. What is the difference between a Fender guitar (not the Squier version) with Fender Squier version,
  3. And how to distinguish original products made by companies Squier Fender, with the Squier copies made by manufacturers of other companies, well that is a competitor as well as small companies are trying to fin big profits in the name of a Fender guitar products, and imitate the design model of a Fender guitar.

Fender Squier offered at a relatively cheap price, but still meets the requirements of professional standards of manufacture, and will greatly possible the development of features and quality from time to time.

Basically Fender Squier model produced with the all models of designs and color variations are the same as the Fender Squier guitar instead, the only difference lies in the features, where features provided tailored to the selling price of the product, which means that the higher the price offered, the quality and product features will be adjusted the price is worth it.

Some of characteristics of the original Fender Squier products among which, has a serial number and product code in the form of the letters which serves as an identifier of the State where the product is in production, other than that on the neck plate engraved with the sleek Squier word, and the plate is made of a material not easily corroded so it will not easily corroded in the time period long enough.

To ascertain whether the products you buy are genuine, make sure you buy a Fender Squier at online sites that are well know and has a good reputation, where sites like this will in trust by an authorized Fender to sell their products, to get this product you can make purchases on the Amazon.com.

Various Variants of the Fender Squier

Fender Squier in production with the same model and series with the Fender (not Squier), where you can look through the list of products for the Fender Squier below:

Affinity series :

–       Affinity Stratocaster

–       Affinity Telecaster

–       Affinity Mini

Artist Models

Squier Bullet

Classic Vibe :

–       Classic Vibe Stratocaster

–       Classic Vibe Telecaster

Deluxe Models

Standard :

– Squier Stratocaster

– Squier Telecaster

Vintage Modified

Fender Squier is suitable and recommended for beginners, but not least also for the advanced level still prefer the Fender Squier, as their guitar music instrument, even among the artists though. If you are interested you can simply select the product Fender Squier accordance with the tastes and the funds you have today.