Fender Precision

Fender Precision

 By Nata Sanit

How to choose a bass guitar for beginners

Here some things you need to consider, especially for a beginner and you do not understand much about the bass guitar.

  • Selection type of bass, where you must know beforehand what kind of music you like and you should choose the type of bass that matches the music color you want. Some of the best advice for the selection of bass guitars in my experience, if you like jazz or blues music you can choose the type of fender bass with various types that is vintage modified, jazz bass or you can choose bass Fender standard type with any model. In addition, if you like the music funk, rock and metal you can choose Musicman bass guitars or Gibson bass with any type that you can choose according to your taste.
  • Color and shape, some of the most popular colors on bass guitar include sunburst, black, candy apple red, placid blue, arctic white, as well as several other standard colors, all that you can set yourself based on your taste. Then choose a size for a bass to suitable with your body size, it aims to be not too heavy and not burden your shoulders, besides that choose the appropriate size of the neck with your hands big or small, if your hands are small select the appropriate size of the neck as well as its otherwise for those of you who have a large hand size, with suitable size you will feel comfortable when using a bass guitar.
  • Type of pickup, same as an electric guitar where the pickups used consists of two types of single coil and humbucker, type of pickups can be adapted by the number of strings used on the bass guitar is 4 string, 5 string or 6 string depending on your choice.

             Here are some variations that are used to pickup electric bass guitar :


Electric Bass Guitar Pickup


For the position and type of pickups on the bass is setup and is determined by the manufacturer during the production, because the manufacturers have determined the position and type of pickup that is in use in accordance with market requirements that match the type of music that they target, so you do not need to be confused to choose the type of pickups and pickup a goo position because you can follow the advice at the first point that is determined based on type of music you like.

  • Selection guitar customize to your budget, for you which having an founds that little can choose type of squier bass guitar, in addition to an affordable price squier also has a good quality especially for beginners.

Fender Precision Bass

Fender Precision bass guitar is a recommendation for beginners :

Fender precision bass is perfect for the type off music jazz, but also flexible enough for use on country music and modern pop music and funky style of music.

Fender precision bass using 1 piece split single-coil pickups, not too heavy and not too mild and fairly symmetrical, available in various color options, the price range is on offer for fender precision is the lowest of which is around $230.00 to the most expensive price ranges from $ 1,499.99.

In addition fender precision bass available in two different styles of precision standard and precision America, with two different styles so it can give you many options you can specify to your taste.

If you interested with the fender precision bass you can select multiple product recommendations below.