Fender Jazz Bass

Fender Jazz Bass

Fender Jazz Bass

By Nata Sanit

In addition to the Fender Precision bass or commonly known as P-bass, Fender Jazz bass is also a series of bass guitar produced by Fender leading companies around the world. Can not deny anymore that the model design of Fender jazz bass can be said has become a trend that many in duplicate and in implementing other musical instrument companies in the world.

Although the model and design can be imitated but the original product of the Fenders still have a special typically for the fans. Bass guitar is a Fender Jazz bass was first introduced in 1960 in, where for the general specifications for all types of Fender jazz bass is equipped with 2 single coil pickups, 20 to 22 frets, one middle pickup volume, one bridge pickup volume, master volume, rosewood fingerboard, block inlays, and alder body, As well as some other features to previous version of the bass fender (P-bass).

Although on the other bass guitar manufacturers physically able to replicate or imitate the styles and models, even at say nearly the same as the original Fender-made, but the sound quality in the produce will feel different from other artificial bass guitar.

Fi you frequently watch music either from TV or from live music events wherever you are, Fender jazz bass is the one most often seen in use by the bass player. Evident from the many bands that use a Fender Jazz bass from different types of music, like pop, rock, funk, jazz blues and country. Can say that the Fender Jazz bass suitable for use on all types of music.

Fender jazz bass, suitable for all types of games bass techniques, such as slap, pop, in the quotation using the fingers, or using a pick. Where from all these techniques can produce in variations in the sound of the bass strings.

To slap and pop technique, you can find many use this technique on the kind of funk and jazz music. As for the technique using the fingers pluck the strings can be found on the type of pop music, jazz, blues and even rock.

As for the technique strum the strings by using a pick, which does almost the same as when playing an electric guitar, this technique can you meet a lot on the kind of punk rock music.

Fender jazz bass is suitable for beginners and professional, for starters you can choose a Fender jazz bass 4-string standard, available to the player’s right hand or left hand. If you have more funds, you can choose a Fender jazz bass deluxe version.

As you know before, or perhaps this could be additional information for those of you newbies, which did not yet know a lot of information about the bass guitar from Fender.

Fender jazz bass are also in production into the Squier version, where the selling price being offered much cheaper than American-made Fender jazz bass. For Fender Squier jazz bass has to offer with a price range between $179 to $500.

For those of you that beginners can choose Fender Squier jazz bass version, because in addition to the low price of this bass guitar also has good sound quality and fulfill the quality standards of professional bass guitar.