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Fender Guitars

Fender Guitars

Fender guitars, heard the name of course for all guitar fans already familiar with that name, because Fender guitar has been famous since long time and much in use by the legendary guitar player, like Eric Johnson with the type of jazz music, John Mayer, SRV, Eric Clapton with a blues type of music, Eddie Van Halen, Ritchie Kotzen, Jimi Hendrix with the type of rock music, and Yngwie J. Malmsteen with the kind of metal music.

Many guitarist who is experienced and has the ability to create and mix type of sound for their electric guitars, is by combining a variety of effects, amplifiers and other sound system devices, so that it can produce a sound that they want even though they use guitars that are not created for that type of music they want to play.

For example something like the famous guitarist named Richie Kotzen which uses Fender Telecaster guitar, he could make a sound that can be said about the same or similar to the sound character of guitarist named Paul Gilberto that uses Ibanez PGM model, where this technique is used when joining the MR Big with American Hardrock types of music, to replace Paul Gilbert at the time.

When you hear the concert video footage, without seeing the guitarist, maybe you’ll be surprised if it was not Paul gilbert.

In addition, you are certainly familiar with the legend guitarist named Yngwie Malmsteen, he used Fender Stratocaster guitar for every game of his guitar, by using Fender Stratocaster Yngwie Malmsteen can create the kind  of neoclassical, rock and metal, where the usual type of music played by other guitarists use Ibanez, Jackson USA, and other types of metal guitar rock that could produce sound distortion is thick and hard.

From the above conclusion can be stated that, although Fender created and in use for most of the music of blues, jazz and country. Fender guitars can still be used to create music kind of metal.

And all that is absolutely not used as a benchmark for what type of guitar and what kind of music can complement each other, because it all depends from player if they have ability to produce the desired sound quality.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that fender guitars, so you can determine whether suitable for you.

Advantages Choose Fender Guitars:

Fender guitars can produce a smooth sound when playing clean, suitable to be played with all kinds of music, especially for jazz and blues type music.

Have properties that durable so Fender guitar still works fine although it has been in use almost more then ten years. Seen from the existence of fender guitar version of the relic, which is a collection of guitars that is outdated and older in which the color of the paint is faded, but still many of the musicians, especially the collectors who enjoyed fender guitar, they gladly spend their money to buy this fender guitar.

So from that can be said fender guitar that has a long durability, even some of the guitarist was still using an old guitar when they are entertaining on stage.

Even though many people argue the design of fender guitar is very monotone, but not least also due to people using the fender design that was unique and not infrequently used as fashion.

Disadvantages Fender Guitars:

For you who love this type of rock music such as Joe Satriani, Paul Gilberto and Steve Vai, or types of metal music/progressive rock like John Petrucci and Herman Lee, which uses a high voice, sharp and thick do not you get on the fender guitars, for this type of music you can choose the type of guitar such us Ibanez, Jackson USA, and the Music Man.

Fender guitars have only maximum amount to fret 22, so for those of you who like to play with high tone, to the tone of fret the 24th fender guitars are not suitable for you.

The Fender does have a unique shape and color, besides that, this guitar also has a size that fits with our hands whilst in play. the Fender is a product that is very much in demand by the musicians and also a lot of artists around the world so that the Fender has several product series artist, and has design characteristics.

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