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What You Need to Know About Fender Custom

By Nata Sanit

Maybe some of you especially who are beginners course at first knew only Fender guitars just for some type. Where is the type most widely and commonly known beginners usually only a Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster.

Yes it is true, because of both types have a very high popularity since long. That’s all caused by so many musicians of the world that its use both types of this guitar.

For beginners, it is time for you to find out more about Fender guitars, of many types, kinds and models are in production. Fender company was originally established a factory which aims to create a guitar made from the hands of professionals in the field of manufacture of an electric guitar.

Fender made a custom model, which is often called or commonly know by many connoisseurs as the electric guitar Fender custom.

Fender custom made orders aim to meet the demands of the musicians, where to make an electric guitar with a model in accordance with the order desired by consumers.

Through a fender custom shop, customers can order a new guitar models by making from scratch, or a request to modify the fender guitar models that already exist.

You need to know the type of products such as Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass, and Jazz Bass, a type that many ware created especially to the custom Fender version.

In the factory or the Fender custom shop, you can find lots of custom collections are provided to meet the needs of the Fender electric guitar lovers.

Here are a few collections for Fender custom as a reference that can help you to decide which option suitable for you.

Artist Series :

With this custom, you can submit a request for production of tools or even the same guitar music is very similar to a guitar that is in use by famous artists. Besides this fender guitar made in the same shop or factory and by the same person.

Artist Series

Limited Edition :

Usually made and provided for certain artists, only made in small quantities and are usually equipped with other features that are different from other fender guitars. To manufacture, keep using the same techniques and tools with the procedure of making the original Fender from previous years.

Fender Custom Limited Edition

Time Machine :

This edition is an introduction to Fender Relic series types, the ex guitar that was made sometime in the 1960’s which still can be used with good quality to date. Although it can be said to hove worn paint on the guitar as well as damage caused by use of the guitar in a long time by the legendary guitarist, but this guitar has the selling power at prices high enough.

Relic Telecaster Electric Guitar

Custom Deluxe :

Some products for custom deluxe model is a model with a costume that combines that best features of older models and new models.

’72 Telecaster® Deluxe

Pro collection :

This is a product-testing and product development, where Fender provides an opportunity for guitars to anyone who has a lot of experience, to become partners in testing for any new features that was developed by the company Fender custom everyday, starting from selecting the type of wood that is in use, the use of electronic pickups and bridge.

Esquire Pro Electric Guitar

For more information you can directly visit the site fendercustomshop.com

If you are interested in purchasing and require additional information and price comparisons, you can immediately visited the site an authorized dealer of Fender Musical Instrument Corporation of Amazon.com

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