Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone Guitars

Electric Epiphone Guitars

By Nata Sanit

Epiphone guitars is a product made from china where this guitar has the shape and the same model with a Gibson guitar that originated in the United States, Epiphone and Gibson is a guitar maker who has been very popular all over the world, Epiphone and Gibson is the largest competitor in the guitar market until 1957.

Epiphone manufactured in China and sold at low prices, and very far when compared with the price of Gibson guitars that comes from the United States. The comparison is to the United States-made Gibson guitars sold with prices ranging from $ 2,299 while for the Epiphone guitars sold at a price range of $ 249, it only ranges for the guitar that created by model Les Paul.

From the headstock there are some differences seen when compared between the Epiphone les paul and the Gibson Les Paul, other Than That for the sound quality of course there are differences in installments Also This Is Because the ratio of different prices and adjusted for the quality That produced it.

although some people say the sound quality produced is not as good at Gibson guitars from the United States, must still be made with existing standards of quality in general. Although there are some people who are very keen in attention to these shortcomings, That’s because they do have more money to get the quality of what they want at prices very expensive.

For beginner and still learning to play guitar, Epiphone guitar can be one of your choice, it all does not become a compulsion you can not choose Epiphone guitar. There are many artists who use them epihpone guitar and proven quality.


Paul McCartney from THE BEATLES


Kevin Varuk from NICKELBACK

Matt Scannell from VERTICAL HORIZON

John Rzeznik from GOO GOO DOLLS

Rob Thomas from MATCHBOX 20

And still there are thousands of other artists who use a Epiphone guitar.

You need to know, why I give you some list of famous guitarists who use a Epiphone guitar for them in every action. It aims demonstrate to you that, although the Epiphone guitar is sold with a relatively cheap price compared to the Gibson guitar made in USA, but this guitar has the sound quality and good performance, and may prove superior quality possessed by this product.

This electric guitar is suitable in use for this type of music that contains elements of rock, like hardrock, pop rock and metal. Where you can get the sensation of sound distortion is thick and hard.

Besides the selection of amplifiers and guitar effects right, and the fusion type of effect that is in use by variations in the amplifier configuration, it is possible to get a full sound power.

In addition you need to know for beginner, this guitar is not only suitable for beginner but can be recommended for the professional, where all that was to be attested by the many guitarists the world to use Epiphone guitars.

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