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By Nata Sanit

Need Help and Guidance to Find Cheap Guitar Cases?

When you decide to have a guitar either acoustic or electric guitar, make sure you will not forget these important things are guitar cases. Guitar cases as a means of protection from threats that your guitar can be a wide range of disturbances from the outside, where fir this problem can be overcome by using the guitar case.

Consideration to have a guitar cases, not necessarily regarded as a complicated problems, especially you one of the few people who questioned how much funding will be spent to get your guitar protective devices.

Now you do not need to confuse the issue again, because here you can get some reference to cheap guitar cases, that can assist you in determining the best options and cases such as what is appropriate for your guitar.

Recommendation 7 categories of products cheap guitar cases:

NEW Guitar Gig Bag Special for Electric Guitar

guitar gig bag

Here’s a special guitar gig bag for electric guitar, which can be said t be a new product that has been present in the current year 2012.

Guitar gig bag is a model that has not existed before, and had typical very different from the various types of guitar cases are offered in a variety of other online stores.

Some of the benefits you can get

Guitar cases are made of 100% nylon material, which it is intended to provide the quality and durability that can be said to be strong enough to support the heavy load from the electric guitar you have.

Suitable for use in almost any type of electric guitar that has been known and used by many people, such as the model Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster and several other types of electric guitar which has nearly the same dimensions.

Enough to be able to protect your electric guitar from dust, scratches, and splashes dirty fluids that can damage the paint on the body of your guitar.

Having a pocket big enough on the front, so it can be used as a tool for storing a variety of accessories for your electric guitar purposes, such as pick, strap, manual, tuner and various other accessories.

Stagg STB-10W Acoustic Guitar Bag

Acoustic Guitar Bag

This is a cheap guitar cases, this is a soft guitar case for acoustic guitar, made of a material is quite good, work well to provide protection against scratches and dust. This case is suitable for acoustic guitar with a dreadnought body model, which gives a little more space at the top of the headstock, and there are pockets for other gear, as pick, capo, and a small notebook.

There is a pretty strong hand grip durable, specifically to carry the burden of the size of the acoustic guitar, other than that there is an additional strap that can bring the guitar to put on the back like when you wear a backpack, as well as in cross onto the shoulder.

Not suit suitable for jumbo size acoustic guitar model, it is advisable to include a guitar that does not impose any larger than dreadnought model, because it will make these products more quickly.



On Stage GBA4550 Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

This case is suitable for acoustic guitars with a dreadnought body model, where the price offered is far cheaper than the price of the previous recommendation of products.

In the outer layer is made of black material, so it is not easy to look dirty if you rarely or do not pay much attention to cleanliness soft guitar cases.

Enough work to protect your guitar from scratches and dust, are equipped with handles and backpack straps similar, so it can be brought in two ways, and there are sizable pockets where you can use as a place to put equipment that is in need for your acoustic guitar.

Good enough in protecting against acoustic guitar, which on the inside is coated with a protective foam, which is sufficient to protect the acoustic guitar from minor collisions.





World Tour GBA100 Padded Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Padded Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Is a soft guitar case for a small acoustic guitar as an acoustic guitar classic model, material coated with a slightly thick and black, more streamlined model, using a slightly larger zipper so strong and durable.

Typically have a pink line that wrapped around the side of the bag by using a small zipper used as a cover bag. Using a handle and backpack straps, so it can be taken two ways that make it more practical and easier when you carry you guitar.

Equipped with a larger bag and not too narrow compared to other soft guitar case, so it can fit more small equipment for your acoustic guitar.







World Tour WG20D Deluxe 20mm Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Deluxe 20mm Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Soft guitar case can be said to have a very good quality guitar case as compared with the previous recommendation, has a large size. This case is suitable for acoustic guitar with NEX or jumbo body type, where the body of the guitar is slightly large than an acoustic guitar dreadnought model.

Because of its large size, softcase is suitable for all types of guitar models ranging from classic models that can be said to be small, medium-sized dreadnought, and jumbo model large size.

Another advantage of this product is, on the side of the case is equipped with a very large bag, where a large bag was in divided into sections, so in this case you can load a lot of acoustic guitar gear in this softcase.

Coated foam that is thick in every part on the side of the case so it is more tender and slightly better protection, on the handle to be hand coating of from material, so that will make feel comfortable when traveling on the take.

For the zippers are very good, neat and strong, suitable for heavy load bearing of an acoustic guitar. In addition softcase is also equipped with backpack straps additional useful if you want to use other means to bring to hang on your shoulder.

Gator GBE-DREAD Acoustic Guitar Bag

Acoustic Guitar Bag

Soft guitar case is made very simple with a plain black design, is equipped with a bag that is made directly fused to the other side, so it looks like not having the bag.

Not much variation in design, focusing only on the seam that is strong enough for each side of the sipper strong enough withstand heavy loads for acoustic guitar.

Equipped with a zipper that is easy to open and close in, in pairs with a neat and strong enough to withstand the load of any acoustic guitar. This case it suitable and fit for the model dreadnought acoustic guitar, the slim design case making it easy to carry.

Fender Gig Bag – Deluxe Electric Guitar

Fender Gig Bag

Is a kind of special softcase for electric guitar, suitable for all types of electric guitar models, except for the extreme models such as the Flying-V and explorer. Material strength is stronger than the softcase for acoustic guitar, because the aim to sustain the heavy burden of a single electric guitar.

On offer at very cheap, but still provide the quality that can say good and qualified to provide protection for you electric guitar. Very neat design, equipped with five bags in each of them different sizes, you can use to save a lot of different purpose for your electric guitar, such as cable, tuner, pick, string and so forth.

Although the case is made by fenders, but you not to worry, that the case is suitable for use for an electric guitar with a wide range of brands. As usual on guitar cases in general to carry, comes with two ways, namely by means of portable or by using the backpack straps.