Guitar Accesories

How to choose a good guitar cases

How to choose a good guitar cases : Utilizing guitar cases as a means of protection around parts of your guitar By Nata Sanit For you fans of guitar music instrument, especially if you already have a pretty large collection of guitars, both electric and acoustic guitars, obviously you are in need of a tool […]

D Addario EXL

What type of strings suitable for a beginner Maybe you think, after some time using your guitar and you finally decided to change your guitar string with a new. For some who already understand about guitar certainly will not have trouble in this regard. However for you are a beginner, it would be a little […]

Pedaltrain MINI

Pedaltrain MINI By Nata Sanit Talk about guitar effects, certainly not the least of you as a guitar player who has been included in the class of mid-level to advanced, certainly has many types of guitar effects, both of type stompbox effects, effects pedals, multi effects even. Many of the players guitar, not just using […]