5 String Bass

5 String Bass

5 String Bass

By Nata Sanit

Bass guitar in general is often used by bass player is 4 string bass, for those of you who are familiar with the 4 string bass guitar certainly have no throuble while playing with 5 string bass, because all used same technique, which depends on the ability of improvisation who have by the bass player.

Where you can prove this when you watch a musical event, either directly or through a TV, DVD and through other madia who you have today, most bass player use 4 string bass.

Use 4 string bass or 5 string bass, no effect on good or not the game a bass player, and the quality of sound produced in the company other instruments in a band or orchestra, because it all depends on a songwriter, whether requiring the composition of the 5 string bass or no need at all.

Goal of most bass players, choose 5 string bass is to simplify while playing, where the bass guitar has an extra string in the chord sequence to the 5 with a lower tone to the strings off pitched B.

With 5 string bass you will be facilitated when taking the tone from high to low otherwise. In general, 5 string bass much in use by musicians from the genres of jazz to other types of music that has a high level of complexity games like progressive rock.

With 5 string bass you can create and reach a lower tone, where can not you get on the 4 string bass. so you can create the desired harmonization tone when played simultaneously with a guitar has 6 strings or 7 strings.

For beginners who want to learn to play bass and want to practice the skill becomes better, could you do with the direct use 5 string bass, because 4 or 5 strings was not effect on the good and bad of a game.

It’s just to note that you need to provide more funds to have a 5 string bass with quality and quantity is exellent.

In addition you also need to be ready to exercise habit the difference that appears when you use a 4 string bass, as well as when you use 5 string bass.

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