Mackie SRM450V2

Mackie SRM450V2 active speaker delivers pure studio monitor performance at full-on loudspeaker levels.


In a music studio would require a loudspeaker in use as a monitor that can help a player for music can still be heard clearly in play although sound mixes with the sound of the other instruments in the studio while a song is being played.

Mackie SRM450V2 has the ability to spread the sound with an angle of 90 degrees with a steady though sources connected with the sound at different frequencies with horizontal and vertical positions.

Not only can be used as a musical instrument loudspeakers, these speakers can also be used for human speaker for various purposes, such as speech or emcee in a party that can reach up to a thousand audience.

You can get a Mackie SRM450V2 at, with a choice of products that you can check product options via the link below.

Mackie SRM450V2

Mackie SRM450V2

How to choose a good guitar cases

How to choose a good guitar cases :

Utilizing guitar cases as a means of protection around parts of your guitar

By Nata Sanit

guitar cases

guitar cases

For you fans of guitar music instrument, especially if you already have a pretty large collection of guitars, both electric and acoustic guitars, obviously you are in need of a tool as the primary protector to keep your guitar from the threat of damage from the neighborhoods where you are in place the guitar.

Certainly in this case most of you already know what kind of protective equipment in question, which is a protective device called guitar cases.

Lots of guitar players, especially some who are beginners, buying a guitar cases at random, which is meant here is a selection of guitar cases that do not pay attention to whether the selected product is appropriate or not.

The following is some information that can give you an idea of what kind of guitar cases are suitable for a guitar that you have today, and certainly be in accordance with the requirement in your daily activities in music.


Some types of damage commonly experienced by your guitar a result of the lack of protection against interference from the surrounding environment.

Damage to paint on one side of your guitar

Especially on the guitar body, this can be by comparing various types of kinds of liquids (such as coffee, soft drinks, water, and various other types of fluid) which is directly on your guitar body, and dried so as to make the paint on your guitar body became stained gray or whitish.

Easily affected by dust

If you keep the guitar in a long time, dust can be a major problem that would probably be most of the problems that can be found, so this will make you guitar look a little dirty, and will be a little difficult to clean, especially the pert that has a narrow gap, like a bridge, locking tuners, pickup, and the gap in each of individual fret.

Easily scratched on the body of your guitar

When you put your guitar in any place, or put your guitar close to other objects, where you cannot confirm whether the guitar will be safe with a fully, especially if you put your guitar in place a lot of going on an activity such as in a music studio as well as in other places, possible causes is your guitar without falling in accidentally, or unintentionally collided with a variety of hard objects.


The time is right for you to use a soft guitar cases

You can choose to use a soft guitar cases when you only have limited funds, but very concerned about the protection of your favorite guitar.

In addition to the soft guitar cases will make you more simple and less hassle when traveling to the various activities of your music.


The reason why choosing to use soft guitar cases

Some advantages of using soft guitar cases

  1. You can get these products at a relatively cheap, with variations in price, from most expensive to the price under $100.
  2. Has a lighter weight because most are made of thick fabric and lined with foam on all sides, making it easier for you to bring the guitar when traveling for the various activities of your music.
  3. Usually for every guitar cases are equipped with pockets on each side of the front and rear on the outside, so that can be used as a place to store a variety of accessories for your guitar (such as cable, instruction book guitar, tuner, pick, and various other guitar accessories).
  4. Can protect your guitar from some outside interference, such as dust, scratches caused by friction from the other hard objects, and temperature changes in the environment.

Some drawbacks that you might get from soft guitar cases

  1. Cannot fully protect against interference from outside (such as the impact of hard objects and falls from a certain height, about 1 to 2 feet from the ground floor) so it cannot be sure whether your neck will break or not.
  2. Do not have the endurance that is too long (usually frequent tear and loss of stitching on the side of the cases, this may depend on how well your treatment in the use of.


The way the selection of soft guitar cases that match the type of guitar you have

Choose soft guitar cases according to the type of guitar you have

Whether acoustic or electric guitar? Because these types of materials and durability to support the weight that is used is different for both acoustic guitar and electric guitar, where to electric guitars are usually made from materials a thicker.

This is because to a stronger resistance to prop up an electric guitar that has heavier weight in comparison with the acoustic guitar.

Customize the form of soft guitar cases which would you buy, with the shape of a guitar that you have


For acoustic guitar

Shape of the acoustic guitar consists of three models, namely classic, dreadnought/NEX, and Jumbo to clarify the different shapes can you look at the picture below.

guitar acoustic models

guitar acoustic models


Where for the three-dimensional model has a body size that is different, so make sure you are not the wrong choice.


Acoustic classical guitar soft cases

Has a small body size, so it has a light weight.


Acoustic dreadnought guitar soft cases

Have a larger body size than the classical model, in which the body shape is most preferred by musicians, from the beginner to advanced levels.


Acoustic jumbo guitar soft cases

Has the largest body size when compared to the classic model of an acoustic guitar and dreadnought modes.


For electric guitar

Body shapes of the electric guitar of course also vary usually for each brand has a different body shape. Among the many models in the know about most of the musicians is a model of some famous brands such as Ibanez, Gibson, Epiphone, Fender and Musicman.

In addition to body shape that has been mentioned above, there are also several forms of the other body electric guitar, namely extreme form of such a model flying V and explorer, which of course for the two models should use a soft guitar special cases, which fit the appropriate size.

For the electric guitar in general have similar dimensions despite the production of different manufacturers, where the only difference lies in the body and headstock design, and neck of different lengths are adjusted by the number of frets are in use on each of the electric guitar.


Hard Guitar Cases

Hard Guitar Cases


Electric guitar soft cases

Here are some of the collection of soft electric guitar cases are suitable to model Ibanez, Gibson, Fender, and Epiphone, as well as from many other brands that produce a similar body shape.


Electric guitar soft cases Extreme I

Here is a collection of soft electric guitar cases, for the body model of the Flying V.


Electric guitar soft cases Extreme II

Here is a collection of soft electric guitar cases, for the body shape model of Explorer.


The time is right for you to use a hard guitar cases

Hard guitar cases are usually much used by musicians who do have a lot of activity in the field of music or music can be said to have become part of their job.

But many also from some of the beginners, who have sufficient funds, prefer to use a hard guitar cases.

Where by using a hard guitar cases, you do not need too much attention on what kind of position that you have a guitar in a secure state when in the store or the time taken to travel to various music activities you need.

The reason why choosing to use the hard guitar cases.

Some advantages of the use of hard guitar cases

  1. Hard guitar cases to protect all parts of your guitar as a whole, either from disturbances such as friction and pounding from the other hard objects, and can also protect from temperature changes in light levels in the neighborhood.
  2. On the inside of the hard cases with foam-covered fur is soft, so it can protect the body of your guitar from abrasions and impact.
  3. Equipped with a locking device, so you can protect your guitar at a time if you do not want anyone else to use your guitar, without your permission or without the knowledge of you.
  4. Save storage space, or your car trunk space, because with the hard cases you can  put other items on top, such as the effects of various tools and other guitar accessories, which are strong enough to support the objects that are not too heavy, so as to protect your guitar form damage.

Some of the deficiencies that may be obtained from hard guitar cases

  1. Has a selling price that is relatively more expensive when compare with the soft guitar cases, with an average selling price above $70.
  2. Has much heavier weight than the soft guitar cases, where the weight may be more pronounced when use to carry an electric guitar.


For the election of hard guitar cases that match the type of guitar you have

For the election of hard guitar cases that suits you is basically similar to the method of electing the soft guitar cases already described in the previous explanation.

Where you have to adjust to the type of guitar you have, whether acoustic or electric guitar, and also adjusted to the shape of the guitar you have.


Acoustic classical guitar hard cases

Design cases are made to follow the curve, and the size of the acoustic guitar body, to the classic model, making it possible cases of this type cannot be used for other models of acoustic guitars.


Acoustic dreadnought guitar hard cases

Guitar body shape is most preferred by musicians, from beginner to advanced levels, so that models of hard cases are much in use.


Acoustic jumbo guitar hard cases

Has a size much larger cases, when compared with the hard cases, especially for acoustic guitar classic models, and models of dreadnought.


Electric guitar hard cases

Here is a set of electric guitar hard cases are suitable to model Ibanez, Gibson, Fender, and Epiphone, and from various other brands that produce a similar body shape.


Electric guitar hard cases Extreme I

Here is a collection of electric guitar hard cases, to form a model flying V guitar body.


Electric guitar hard cases Extreme II

Here is a collection of electric guitar hard cases, to form body electric guitar modes of Explorer.



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Fender Squier Strat

Fender Squier Strat, Cheap electric guitar with reliable quality

fender squier strat standard

Fender squier strat or a more complete Fender squier Stratocaster called can say as an electric guitar that is widely used, and thus has a selling price that is more affordable when compared with electric guitar that is not included in the version of the squier.

Fender squier electric guitar version is the most widely performed of production in Asia, such as China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and some countries in Asia other.

Fender squier basically produce many models of electric guitars that they had sold in the market, some of them are very familiar and well known to many people, which is the model strat or a more details on the call with the Stratocaster.

Additionaly Stratocaster models are also very widely used in all walks of life both from the beginner, intermediate and among musicians, who already have the ability to play the guitar at an advanced level, including some well-known artists also use this type of guitar.

Therefore, the model body for Stratocaster much imitated and reproduced in different brands from various different manufacturers, the course aims to be able to get some benefit from the sale of electric guitar Stratocaster model they produce.

Therefore if you are included as one of the most loved models of Stratocaster, you better choose an official product from fender as Fender Stratocaster with a relatively high price, or a Fender squier strat pick a more affordable price.

Unlike Fender, not a squier version are mostly produced and used materials from different regions in the United States, it is certainly very different from the Fender Squier that is not only manufactured in Asia but the materials used are also coming from various countries in Asia.

This is one that could be the underlying reason why Fender squier, including Fender squier strat, can be sold at a price that is relatively inexpensive and can be reached up in all kinds of circles.

Any feature found on the Fender squier strat?

Fender squier strat, tremolo arm to use as bridge, 1 volume control and 2 tone controls, equipped with 3 single coil pickups, and 5-ways pickup selector switch can produce 5 different sound options, where to find more detailed location of the position of these parts, you can look at the picture below.

Fender squier strat topology


Some of benefits you can get from a Fender Squier Strat

Fender Squier strat to say an electric guitar for sale with low price and best quality among some other cheap electric guitar.

It is suitable for those of you want to have s Strtocaster electric guitar models of the original, but can be obtained at a low price, so you can save money in this case.

Other than this guitar is perfect for a beginner who wants to strat learning to play electric guitar, from the basic melody and rhythm techniques, how to use the appropriate pickup switch, where a player must be conditioned pickup which will be used during play well when using distortion, overdrive, wah pedal, as well as playing guitar with a clean mode.

It has a 5 way switch settings, so you can use each of these directions as needed, when playing melody and rhythm by using the mode distortion, and can change the direction of others while playing melody and rhythm by using clean mode.

Having fretboard with 21 frets, so it’s perfect for those of you newbie who are very keen to play with the tones are quite high.

The electric guitar is suitable to be played on different types of music such as punk, alternative rock, funk, pop, pop rock, jazz, rock n roll and blues.

Some of the drawbacks you may encounter

From the type of sound produced less support to play some kind of music such as, hardrock, deathmetal, neo classic and some other metal music.

But if you belong to one fan for some types of music that have been mentioned above, and you are also very interested in the model Stratocaster electric guitar, you do not need to worry because you can still choose Stratocaster guitar that has a humbucker bridge pickup types, including using the HSS pickups, the Fender Squier Bullet Strat and Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster

This is because the humbucker pickup has a better ability to produce the distortion is warm and thick, especially when you play the guitar by using the technique of palm muting, due to metal music, rock, progressive and other types of music that is almost identical, certainly in some parts of the song have always used this technique.

However, single coil pickup still be able to support a variety of techniques for this kind of metal music, it’s just that the resulting distortion, not as thick and warm as when you use humbucker pickups.

In the long usage is around 2 to 3 years if the routine is lacking generally in use for the strap button sometimes become loose, an maybe if one day it happens, you can use wood glue the  back, or replace the strap buttons with a size slightly larger than the hole where the strap button in place pairs.

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